We Are Sitting In Rooms by Lorenzo Minneci

“We are sitting in rooms” is a collaborative, open SOUND MAP born during the covid-19 pandemic to collect various experiments with feedback in our rooms.

We want to look at a room as a container of ideas, as a limit to overcome, as a “jail” or as an instrument.

The project, clearly inspired by the known work by “I’m sitting in a room”1 aims to explore our many rooms, smoothing out, and bringing us together.

What is a room?

Is a room considered the space inside it, or the container itself?

For three months, millions of people around the world were asked not to leave their collection of rooms during the covid-19 pandemic.

We use rooms every day. They are silent listeners of our lives.

The way we use them is something that usually changes over time, decades or centuries. However, there is something inside each room that won’t change over time.

This is its ability to resonate, an expression of its “voice” or character.

These experiments aim to help us feel and understand through sound the space around us.

The character changes not only room by room, but also depending on the point you observe it.

This is the fingerprint of everything we can consider a “container of space”.

And now a question: if a room has its own resonance, can we consider everything that has a resonance a room?

Might the universe be a big room?


1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAxHlLK3Oyk&t=7s