Sounding ISS beta (Perspectives 01) by Irradation

“Sounding ISS beta” is the first prototype of a series of webaudio installations under the overall title “Perspectives”. The series “Perspectives” is an exploration of realtime data-sonification as permanent audio installations in virtual space.

In “Sounding ISS” an individual soundscape is generated on the basis of the position of the International Space Station (ISS) and its distance to the listener(s). The ISS position is queried in realtime (via API) once per second to calculate its distance to the listener. This parameter is used to control an array of FM oscillators. The result is a generative soundscape which allows the listener to experience the frequent approaching and passing of the ISS in its orbit ~ 400 km above earth.

“Sounding ISS” is a work in progress, which will be extended and updated on an irregular basis. Additional parameters (absolute latitude/longitude of the listener and individual weather situation) will be implemented in future versions.

The ISS is a symbol of international cooperation as well as of longevity. For 20 years the space station has been permanently inhibited by astronauts, cosmonauts and scientists from Europe, Russia, Japan, Canada and the US.