Blind audible communication by Marianna Chalampalaki

Inside the quarantine period, we experienced unique and totally new experiences, isolated or stranded, alone or in small groups. The way of communication took different dimensions and music communication tried to follow back. This project tries to develop a new way of real-time audible communication using the powerful tool of network and connecting people around the globe, by giving them the opportunity to interact online, only focused on sounds.

[This work is still in progress – updates will follow soon.]



in stagnation by Anzor Ghudushauri

„I do not know how to go out, how to exit, or even if I need to exit. Maybe, my hand can’t open that „door“, maybe that yellowish hand also isn’t capable to do so…“

„I painted an avatar, which is stuck in this space, sometimes tried to look inside his/her world and look out from her/his eyes. That is almost all I can do with him/her… in this stagnation.“

all about avatar


why can´t i exit



audible codes

In the very beginning of the corona pandemic there had been several audible codes in which people could connect and share their feelings in an analog and very easy way. There had been balcony singing, balcony pan protests, balcony bingo or balcony praying which made people able to share feelings in realtime live from isolation. I tried to setup a website where some of these audible codes are collected and where it is possible to interact with. The length of the samples is different. One can grab the samples anywhere on the black screen and move it to another place – the sound changes by processing.

The site is work in progress.



We Are Sitting In Rooms by Lorenzo Minneci

“We are sitting in rooms” is a collaborative, open SOUND MAP born during the covid-19 pandemic to collect various experiments with feedback in our rooms.

We want to look at a room as a container of ideas, as a limit to overcome, as a “jail” or as an instrument.

The project, clearly inspired by the known work by “I’m sitting in a room”1 aims to explore our many rooms, smoothing out, and bringing us together.

What is a room?

Is a room considered the space inside it, or the container itself?

For three months, millions of people around the world were asked not to leave their collection of rooms during the covid-19 pandemic.

We use rooms every day. They are silent listeners of our lives.

The way we use them is something that usually changes over time, decades or centuries. However, there is something inside each room that won’t change over time.

This is its ability to resonate, an expression of its “voice” or character.

These experiments aim to help us feel and understand through sound the space around us.

The character changes not only room by room, but also depending on the point you observe it.

This is the fingerprint of everything we can consider a “container of space”.

And now a question: if a room has its own resonance, can we consider everything that has a resonance a room?

Might the universe be a big room?




Sounding ISS beta (Perspectives 01) by Irradation

“Sounding ISS beta” is the first prototype of a series of webaudio installations under the overall title “Perspectives”. The series “Perspectives” is an exploration of realtime data-sonification as permanent audio installations in virtual space.

In “Sounding ISS” an individual soundscape is generated on the basis of the position of the International Space Station (ISS) and its distance to the listener(s). The ISS position is queried in realtime (via API) once per second to calculate its distance to the listener. This parameter is used to control an array of FM oscillators. The result is a generative soundscape which allows the listener to experience the frequent approaching and passing of the ISS in its orbit ~ 400 km above earth.

“Sounding ISS” is a work in progress, which will be extended and updated on an irregular basis. Additional parameters (absolute latitude/longitude of the listener and individual weather situation) will be implemented in future versions.

The ISS is a symbol of international cooperation as well as of longevity. For 20 years the space station has been permanently inhibited by astronauts, cosmonauts and scientists from Europe, Russia, Japan, Canada and the US.



Soundbook by Alyssa Aska

This project was realized as part of the CODES. in/human | un/natural project, and explores the difference between human imagination and search/keyword logic. Users are able to enter a text adventure with descriptions of sounds and locations, but with much of the details left up to the imagination. The user is encouraged to, during the game, imagine all of the things they see and hear as they progress through a „choose your own adventure“ story. At the end, they are instructed to describe what they see and hear. Their human | natural description is used as impetus then to retrieve a Youtube video, and the user is presented with the in/human | un/natural result of the search. All of these search results are then collected to form a playlist, which is the soundbook.